Top seven Kenya business and financial news websites & blogs

We have compiled a list of the biggest business news websites in Kenya, including the country’s leading financial news outlets.

These Kenyan business sites cover everything from investing, mortgage, small business, personal finance, venture capital and more.

Go ahead and bookmark these helpful sites today.

1. – Business Daily Africa, commonly known as Business Daily, carries a selection of stories from the newspaper Business Daily. It is published out of Nairobi by the Nation Media Group.

2. – Business Today is a private news portal which covers business, economics, money & markets, technology and media among topics.

3. – The Kenyan Wallstreet is a leading integrated digital media business content platform providing in-depth business and financial news across Sub-Saharan Africa and the globe.

4. CapitalBusiness – This is the website of Capital FM, an urban music radio station, which covers business and finance news.

5. – This website is run by Aly-Khan, the CEO of Rich Management and an emerging markets economist.

6. – Soko Directory delivers business and money market news as well as commodity prices of various good in markets around Kenya.

7. – The Nairobi Business Monthly focuses on Kenyan and regional economics, policy, business news and opinion. It publishes an insightful and authoritative monthly magazine.

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