Five things that are considered offensive by Somalis

Our world is a diverse and rich place. It is home to many cultures that have differences in how they see the world and interpret reality.

And Somalis, who mostly inhabit the Horn of Africa but are also found everywhere, are no different.

There are some things that are considered extremely insulting and offensive by Somalis. You should never do them.

Here are five things that you should NOT do when you’re with Somalis  if you are keen to make a good impression.

1. Never shake a Somali’s hand with your left hand. They consider that an insult. Throughout the Somali-speaking world, the left is used for bodily hygiene and is considered unclean. Always use the right hand to greet a Somali and eat.

Also, when someone gives you something, always receive it with your right hand. Otherwise, you might upset your host.

2. Never enter a Somali home with your shoes on. That is considered disrespectful and unclean. You must remove them before entering a Somali home.

Likewise, never enter a mosque, the Muslim worship place, with your shoes on for the same reasons.

3. Public display of affection: Somalis consider PDA extremely disrespectful. When you are with a Somali, it is never a good idea to hug, kiss or publicly display affection. Be seriously discreet about this always.

4.  Photographing someone without asking first. That can cause offence and misunderstanding. People will think you are spying on them or will use the photos for something sinister.

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5. Shaking the hand  of a woman. Somalis are Muslims and their women are unlikely to never extend their hands to you first. Instead, Somali women will simply put their hand over their hearts to show their sincerity in welcoming or greeting you.

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There you have it. Drop your suggestions in the comment section below! We might a similar list.

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