Here are 10 things that could get you arrested or fined in Kenya

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Kenya has a set of specific laws that govern its people. Visitors and citizens alike need to pay close attention to local laws and customs wherever they go.

There are laws,  if violated, are punishable with fine or, in severe cases, imprisonment.

Here’s what you need to know:

2. The use and trafficking of illegal Class A drugs in Kenya carries heavy fines and jail sentences. The penalty for possession is  heavy.
3. Taking photographs of official buildings can lead to arrest and prosecution.
4. Carrying any kind of firearm without authorisation or permission from the government.
5. Plastic bags have been banned to protect the environment. Their manufacture or use can attract a heavy fine or imprisonment.
6. It is illegal to destroy Kenyan currency.
7. Homosexuality is illegal in Kenya. Its display in public can lead to arrest and imprisonment.
8. It is illegal to buy, sell, kill or capture any protected wild animal or trade any of its parts without a licence.
9. Taking up any paid work before obtaining a valid work permit is illegal.
10. Disrespecting local traditions, customs, laws and religions at all times can land one in trouble.  You need to avoid offending local sensitivities.
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